Traveling slow, interacting with the locals of the land, listening to their stories, eating with them, and frolicking in their revelry are what bring the promise of ultimate luxury. This has been our mantra at Quo Vadis in offering our guests – memories, stories, and a lingering feeling of wanting to come back!

Festivals are one of the best ways to get more from any destination and we give you the “Tshechu Festival” in Thimphu, Bhutan – grand and exuberant with the entire Bhutanese community coming together to witness religious masked dances, receive blessings and indulge in genteel levity. Besides mask dances, Tshechus also include beautiful Bhutanese dances and entertainment.

There are several indulgent stories woven behind these dances and rituals many dating to 8th century. This will certainly bring you closer to the land, it’s people; an insight into their lifestyle, beliefs and a fond entry in your travel journal that you would visit time and again.

Tshechu is a religious festival that means “the tenth day” which happens every year in various temples, monasteries, and dzongs throughout Bhutan.

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