An extraordinary preface for this southern state of India would leave you in awe for the wonderful experience it can offer. Karnataka is a flourishing and fascinating state which is an amalgamation of glamourous palaces, national parks, bygone ruins, ever so amazing beaches, yoga centres and mythical traveller’s rendezvous.

Bengaluru which is a dynamic cyber city, well-known for its craft beer and chains of restaurants, is the capital of Karnataka. A short drive away will take you to the evergreen hills of Kodagu, spread around are the spice and coffee plantations, or the majestic splendour of Mysore, the natural jungles with monkeys, tigers and Asia’s largest population of elephants.

Coming to the unconventional archipelago of calm Hampi, it a loving sight to see the hammocks, mind-blowing sunsets and some ruins of yesteryears that can calm any disturbed mind! The enchanting beauty of the coastline around Gokarna, with the lovely caves and endless sand, will leave you coming back for more! Something more enchanting would be to take a journey to the reminiscent Islamic ruins of northern Karnataka, that is truly a time-traveller’s paradise. Karnataka you are a marvel!