Road travel is the perfect way to explore a country. A car at your disposal provides much flexibility, adventure and excitement as you venture deeper into cities, towns and the subcontinent’s vast rural areas.That being said, we’re aware that the rustic beauty of the interior and the overwhelming bustle of the metros both present specific traffic and road challenges, and assure you that you are in completely safe hands. All vehicles are chauffeur-driven and drivers on duty have a 100% safety record. They are experienced, familiar with traffic and road conditions, and guest safety and comfort are their prime concerns.

Some of our drivers speak fluent English; others have satisfactory comprehension and communication skills. All vehicles are air-conditioned. Soft drinks and bottled water are provided gratis in all vehicles – should you have specific preferences, please do let us know in advance.

Some of the vehicles used on tours are:
Toyota Innova
Ford Endeavour
Mercedes Benz
Tempo Traveller
Mercedes Benz Sprinter/Volkswagen Caravelle
Volvo Coaches


An important element in your travel arrangements is private sightseeing with a local guide. Our guides are trained and licensed by the local tourism authority and are knowledgeable about the history and culture of the place you are visiting. They generally speak English; guides speaking European and Oriental languages are fewer in number and are subject to availability.

A half day sightseeing tour is of about 3-4 hours duration. A full day tour is of about 7-8 hours with a break in between for lunch.
We encourage you to discuss your special interests with us so that we are able to plan activities to your ultimate benefit.
At various locations, we have access to scholars who, for an additional fee, will provide expert commentary and insights on subjects of your choice.


Keeping pace with the development in luxury travel trends is the availability of an increasing variety of private jets, small turboprops and helicopters. Whether it is a single flight or an entire itinerary based on charter flights, private air is now an easy way to travel at your own pace. For destinations such as Ajabgarh, the site of an Aman Resorts’ luxury retreat, and the game parks of Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Ranthambhore, charter flights are now an option to overland journeys. Classic destinations such as Agra, Kochi, Goa, Jaipur, Kathmandu, Udaipur and the Kingdom of Bhutan are even more easily accessible.