Empire of the Mind

Signature Tours to India

Spiritual capital of the world. Culinary Shangri La. Biodiversity Nirvana. Orderly. Chaos. If there is a land where every experience changes every 20 kilometres, it is India. Home to some of the most enigmatic lands, people and cultures, India is the quintessential melting pot that has to be experienced for yourself. 

Itineraries to inspire your own!

Private Tours to North India

Introduction to India - The North

Citadels of Northern Rajasthan

Cultures of Ancient Western Himalayas

Journey to the Golden Temple

Palace Life

A Victorian Journey

Quintessential Rajasthan.

Private Tours to South India


Treasures of Coromandel

Deep in the Deccan

Private Tours to Central & East India

A Tale Of Two Rivers

Ajanta Caves

Journey To Ahilya Fort

Private Tours to West India


Wildlife & Birds of Gujarat

The Trinity

The Trinity- India, Nepal and Bhutan


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